Cynthia Radthorne Links




Kat Goodwin - A very industry-savvy editor who provides insightful commentary on the state of play in the publishing world.

Bren MacDibble - A wacky and intelligent writer from Australia, and an up-and-coming star in the field.

Louise Marley - An established author in the sci-fi field, and a former opera singer as well, Louise is also one of the friendliest and helpful writers around.

Brenda Cooper - Brenda is a writer, public speaker, and a futurist, and a person very interested in how new technologies might change us and our world.

Patrick Swenson - Patrick is the publisher of Fairwood Press, a staple small publisher of the Pacific Northwest highlighting both established names as well as new talent.

deviant Art - Despite the wacky name, this is primarily a site for people to show off their art. This is a link to my page there, where I sometimes show additional pieces than what I have here on my main site.